Evaluating Your Anxiety Treatment Options

Each person has their own coping mechanism when it comes to emotional stress. Unfortunately, sometimes that involves simply ignoring the problem. When it comes to anxiety issues, ignoring the situation isn’t really viable. In fact, ignoring the matter can make it worse. Receiving a confirmed diagnosis of anxiety is the first step to getting the help you need to live a normal life. Luckily, there is a wide array of options today for proper treatment. Let’s take a look at a few places to turn to when you are faced with anxiety.

Medical Doctor (MD)

You can always start with your regular physician. With some basic information, your doctor may be able to do a preliminary evaluation of what’s troubling you and causing your anxiety. It’s likely your doctor may feel comfortable prescribing a medication to see if this is something that you will respond to. Your doctor may also refer you to someone with expertise in treating anxiety – medical or non-medical.

Therapist or Psychologist (LCSW, LPC, etc.)

Sometimes people simply need someone professionally trained to listen and sort out what is causing the anxiety. Therapists and psychologists are professionals who cannot prescribe mediation but can help bring an informed perspective to what’s happening. They can help you evaluate possible solutions and continue to support and monitor your progress. As with a medical doctor, a therapist or professional counselor may feel that you would benefit from another level of care, and can make the necessary recommendations for further help.

Psychiatrist (MD)

This professional is a medical doctor with specialized training to diagnose, medicate, and manage a treatment plan for mental or emotional trauma and difficulties. They typically work in conjunction with a non-medical therapist or psychologist to ensure that medications are working and that progress is being made toward coping with your anxiety. If and when changes need to be made to your medication and/or treatment, having a psychiatrist and therapist working together can be very beneficial.

Cognitive Therapy

One of the non-medical routes available is cognitive therapy, focusing on changing how you think and what thoughts and beliefs may be triggering your anxiety. This therapy identifies the source of the problem and teaches various techniques to try, such as evaluating your self-talk, testing your reality, and restructuring how you think. It’s a good option for those who want to take a proactive role in their anxiety treatment.

Behavior Therapy

Facing your fears is the basis for behavior therapy. You expose yourself to the situations that make you anxious and learn how to redefine them. Behavior therapy includes a multifaceted process to work through the fear. The following is an example of what you might expect in this type of therapy:

1. Rank your fears from most to least threatening.
2. Think about the least threatening of your fears and imagine yourself experiencing the situation.
3. Create a series of small steps that move you away from the fear, such as decreasing the amount of time spent in the situation.
4. Diminish the urge to flee by using breathing techniques and other suggested copying skills.

Each type of treatment is valuable in its own right. However, many who suffer from anxiety have found that a combination of treatments yields the best results. At one point, you may need to be on medication. You may then benefit from behavior therapy. Perhaps a licensed therapist will be called in to help. Medication may be monitored and changed or even dropped after a while.

It’s important to understand that no one option is better than another. They all may be used in conjunction in an individual’s case, or one option may work by itself. No matter what, your treatment will be specific to your needs. When you decide on your treatment options along with your health professionals, you will feel more in control of the outcome. And that’s exactly where you want to be when it comes to dealing with your anxiety.

How to Best Operate Your Indoor Remote Control Helicopters

This article is meant to educate the reader about indoor remote control helicopters, including the pleasure of owning them, but also the danger of flying indoor remote control helicopters in homes with lots of glass windows. I must say that although these helicopters is a pleasure to own, I personally have broken quite a few windows with helicopters that claimed to be indoor remote control helicopters, but ultimately turned out to be typical outdoor helicopters that were not meant to be flown indoors.

You see, the indoor remote control helicopters are usually made of a foam rubber or other soft, cushiony substance that allows them to bump into furniture, walls, or windows without harming the home or the helicopter. In contrast, helicopters that are meant for the outdoors are usually made of plastic or metal and are used to fly at fast speeds in large, open areas where the worst thing they could do is bump into a tree (and in this case, one also must be careful that they don’t fly their helicopter near a power line).

I personally have had more fun with outdoor helicopters, but the main benefit of an indoor helicopter is that you can play with them even if you live in an area with frequent inclement weather, or with snowstorms. Of course, if your home has lots of knick knacks and breakables, you need to be careful even with indoor remote control helicopters because even though they may not break items outright, they can knock them down so that they break when they hit the floor.

An alternative to trying to fly a traditional helicopter, it to buy an rc quadcopter.  Quadcopters are much easier to learn how to fly than a remote controlled helicopter. Quadcopters have 4 motors and 4propellers instead of just 2 rotors on a helicopter. You can buy a mini quadcopter that is suitable to be flown inside the house.

Even mini quadcopters come with a built-in camera for fun in seeing  the same view that the quadcopter is seeing. Flying a quadcopter with a built-in camera is lots of fun for everyone not just the pilot.

But in any case, it’s always best to purchase a helicopter that you feel comfortable working with and that you feel adept at flying. Don’t purchase indoor remote control helicopters because you think you can just fly them into anything and not have to worry about the consequences. This is not the case with any model of helicopter you buy. You even need to consider the fact that some helicopters generate lots of wind energy when they fly, and you might knock papers around and create quite a mess.

Just make sure that wherever you fly indoor remote control helicopters—and the same is true for the outdoor versions—that you check with the owner of the home and make sure that they know the potential consequences of bumping your helicopter into one of their items. That said, indoor remote control helicopters are often the safest, and unless you are a real daredevil, you can usually have a good time with them and not break anything. Plus, they are often cheaper than the classic plastic or metal outdoor helicopters because they are made of cheaper materials and do not really require the manufacturer to be adept at creating them—lots of the fabrics of indoor remote control helicopters can be stretched and manipulated without the possibility of them breaking. There are all things to consider.

But certainly, if you are thinking about purchasing a helicopter, know that you are in good company.

5 Ways to Better Fitness

There are many people who are suffering from different health problems. It is because of the unhealthy lifestyle that they are doing every day. Instead of exercising some may just spend their time sitting all day long, some may just choose to eat on fast foods without knowing that some of the foods that they are eating are unhealthy.

Actually, there are many things people can do in order to improve their health. There are fun activities to do in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle through exercise and workouts. Well, if you are one of those who want to improve your lifestyle, here some of the ways for you to do.

Brisk walking – instead of riding the elevator when you are going at your work, it is much better to walk on stairs because through that you can exercise and improve your fitness. You can also walk from your office to home if it just a short distance of walking, since you have already spend much time of sitting in the office it is better to stretch that legs through walking. You can also rack up distance on the treadmill, if there are workout facilities in your work place or in your home it is important that you give a little time for exercise.

Running – this kind of exercise is a little bit harder than walking, but this is one of the best aerobic exercises because through this you can get the same health benefits at lesser time than it takes to walk. If you are just a starter in running, you can try it every day by walking just a short distance and by the time that you get comfortable with running you can now take longer distances and by that you will see the great benefits of running that it will help you in becoming physically fit.

Hiking – this kind of exercise is more difficult than running, but this is one of the enjoying and fun activity to do. In this kind of activity, you must set aside first your work and have at least the weekend days to do this activity. Hiking can provide a greater health benefits and at the same time it can help in energizing your spirit and as well as in boosting your health. Just remember that when you do hiking, you must wear supportive hiking shoes so that your feel will not hurt afterwards and you can feel more comfortable. Hiking is not just a type of activity that will help you improve your health, but through this kind of activity you can also have great bonding with your family and or friends. Be sure to always wear comfortable hiking footwear so that you feet will not hurt while hiking.

Swimming – this is one of the activity that will not just improve your health but it can also make your heart stronger. Through swimming, it will provide you a greater resistance and improve your in strengthen your muscles. If you will to do this activity it is better to do it in a swimming pool, because swimming in the pool is less stressful to your knees and joints. Swimming is an exciting activity and at the same times a good aerobic exercise.

Cycling – this is another excellent way of aerobic exercise, you can try this if you have a workout room by riding a stationary bike, or if you want to do it outdoor you can do riding trails in the park.

These are just some of the ways to improve your health. If you want to have a healthy body, you can try some of it and surely you will have a fit and healthy body.

6 Ways to Better Health

The body has remarkable capability to live and survive in the environment, perform thousand of task, and resist disease with wisdom and great effectiveness. Its one’s decision and choice on how to interfere to their unique functions and designs, but they constantly overwhelm of new information regarding mental health, medications, exercise and food that makes a picture of health challenges.

Healthy living is very easy if and only they know how and when to use the old good thing that most people say the common or practical sense. Health spheres are composed of social healthy life, stress management, rest, exercise and mental relaxation. Surely, if a person improves on some area, they will begin to improve others.

At present, estimates of almost 9 out the 10 people suffers and die from cancer and heart diseases. The 68% of the cancer illness were inflected because of people’s choice of lifestyle, like unhealthy diet, lack of physical exercise; smoking and etc. It’s the main responsibility of a person to become proactive of their health than being reactive. Below are the 5 major ways to improve, promote and treat your health.

1. Instead of elevator, use stairs as often as possible:
This doesn’t mean that you have to take the stairs even if your office is at the 20th floor, a few steps or 1-3 floors will not cause harm, right? This is a very common and simple exercise that people can do either at home or at their workplace. Yes, it’s tiring and consumes energy and time, but this improves and stabilizes the body and improve metabolism especially when your work requires sitting for a long time. Avoid shortcuts like escalator and elevator; this will only make your body weaker.

2. Proper Hydration:
Drink 2-3 liters of water a day; make water as your therapy. This washes dirt in body and makes you feel full for a longer period of time and helps you avoid from eating or feeling starve from time to time. Well, this will require you to go to the bathroom all the time but the good thing is it flashes unnecessary chemicals in the body. Another strategy is to take this as the opportunity to exercise by means of walking, a 5 minutes walks to the restroom and back is not big deal, right? You can even choose the restroom that will require you to take the stairs for you to be able to implement the tip #1 that will also lessen chronic back ache.

3. Distant parking:
Simple yet very beneficial, this can be done at the work, school or even at the mall. This tactic makes and requires you to walk which is very important in maintaining and achieving healthy and fit body to live longer.

4. Clean and organize your home regularly:
Well, maybe not everyone finds cleaning fun, but this is the most effective way than going to the gym and pay for professional trainer. Cleaning is a form of exercise that requires whole body movements such as lifting and stretching, especially to those who have large homes. A great natural exercise that makes healthier body and a good home physical appearance and sanitation.

5. Gardening or yard work:
Well not all people are given the gift of green thumb, but trimming, raking leaves, moving lawns, pulling weeds are a form of physical exercise. Do this in the morning from 6 to 8am or at 4 to 6pm when the sun is not harmful. Staying outside the house in the morning allows your body to get the suns vitamins that is very important for you not to suffer deficiency from vitamin D.

6. Learn A Hobby
Pick up a hobby that will get you off the couch and take you outside for some exercise. A good hobby that you can do with friends is target shooting or game hunting.

Before you go target shooting or go hunting you will need to buy the proper hunting gear. A good rifle is needed and a good rifle scope is essential. You should expect to spend about twice as much on the rifle scope as you do on the rifle itself. It is crucial to buy a high performance rifle scope so that you can see and lock onto your target quickly.

People new to target shooting or hunting will probably not know much about what type of gun or scope to purchase. There are many websites that provide good information on the best hunting gear and rifle gear to buy for any skill level.

You can enjoy being outside hunting and at the same time be doing something to improve your health.

5 Tips to Improve Your Health

Improving one’s health has been a common goal for most people these days. However, with the changing lifestyle of most people, it could be quite hard to deal with and achieve this goal, yet not impossible. So, if you want to provide improvement to your health, considering the following 5 tips can be a great help.

1.      Have Your Cable Disconnected For Summer

Time spent in front of the TV can be an independent disease predictor, particularly for children. The mere time that most children are not moving or running around is the time they sit to watch TV. By disconnecting your cable, you have got another reason for not sitting on your couch. Without cable means you will have nothing to watch and stay in front of the TV for so long.

2.      Start A Hobby

Break-away from the couch potato hold that is keeping from doing something new. Start a hobby that will get you outside and require you to become active. A good hobby is hunting. If you have never been hunting, then you are missing out. There is so much to learn about hunting. Hunting today is not like you grandfather’s hunting experience. No longer do you have spend hours upon hours in the woods searching for animal tracks and their favorite trails.

Nowadays, you can buy a good trail camera and place on a tree in the woods. Every time a deer or turkey or game animal passes by, the trail camera will capture an image. Within a period of time, the trail camera will capture enough images that you can learn where the deer hang out in the hunting area.

So the time it takes to bag a trophy deer is much shorter than it used to be. And at the same time, you are outside exercising and improving your health.

3.      Use A Pedometer

A beeper-sized gadget counting the number of steps, which you take every day,  a pedometer is an excellent tool you may use to measure the level of physical activity you perform every day. In addition, it may also be used as a good motivator for deciding to walk each time possible. At least aim for 10k steps every day, yet any addition will probably offer even more health benefits. But then, you need not to feel bad for not achieving 10k steps right away.

4.      Consider Using Public Transit And Active Transportation

Biking can be an enjoyable and at the same time cost effective mode of transportation. Taking the bike to drive to school or work can certainly be a great way to start your day. Biking, roller blading and walking are good ways to be getting around and often, they take lesser time than what you have expected. When the trip will be quite far, it will be good to take the public transit, as it will engage you more physical activities than those who don’t. Several workplaces provide discounted or free transit pass programs. Hence, make sure to check with your employer.

5.      Take “Walk-Meetings”

In the ideal world, you would spend 45min. for a hassle-free lunch. When you have this kind of luxury, you may want to consider getting half of your lunch break time to stroll alone or perhaps with someone from your office.

If it happens that you do not have that spare time, you may have “walk-meetings”. If you need to informally meet with coworkers, convert your meeting into some short wall. When you will need 5 minutes to tackle a project you need to work on, it means you will have extra 5 minutes of physical activity.

BONUS TIP:     After Dinner, Take A Family Walk

This is indeed a good idea for having some enjoyable physical activity with the ones you love. After you and your family enjoy the food you eat at dinner, why don’t you complement the moment by taking some minutes of walking either on the neighborhood or somewhere else if it happens that you eat out. You may have a couple of minutes strolling around your neighborhood. This will not only help you with your health goal, but will also give you the chance to spend time with your family together.

Consider these ways to improve your health and see what they can do to you. Good luck for achieving a healthier lifestyle!

Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology

Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology is a book written by an author named Elaine Marieb. The book is now in its 10th Edition and it really sets the standard fro learning all about the human anatomy and physiology.  The book provides a short course on this topic for all students.

In the 10th edition, the presentation of the complicated material has been streamlined and the course material is presented in a way that will help students better understand the essential information on anatomy and physiology.

The book illustrates the concepts and key terms, and provides a clear picture of anatomy and physiology.

Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology can be purchased on Amazon.com.

Anatomy and Physiology

In the world of living organisms, humans have developed the most sophisticated systems and therefore human beings are the most advanced species living on earth. The human body is essentially one integrated unit that consists of millions of cells and functioning systems that keep life processes going.

As we learn in the study of anatomy and physiology, there are fundamentally four specific major functioning systems that provide humans with a uniqueness that is not replicated anywhere else on this planet.

1. Human cells are known to be the simplest parts of all living matter. As small as cells are, cells have the incredible ability to sustain life and reproduce new cells.

As we all learn in Biology 101 in high school, human cells begin their existence as a single fertilized cell. After being given life through fertilization, human cells have a great capacity to duplicate.

2. Human tissue is a much more sophisticated system than cells are. Actually tissue is a group of a large number of like cells that perform specific functions in the body.

3. Organs in the human body are substantially more complicated functioning units than even systems such as tissues. Organs are a collection of many different types of tissues. The purpose of organs is to support the body by performing a wide variety of special functions needed to sustain life.

The heart is an example of an organ in the body. The heart is an essential organ that pumps blood to and from the body.

4. Systems are considered the most complex of the functioning units in the body. A system is made up of group of organs for the purpose of performing essential functions in the body.

The circulatory system is an example of a system in the body. The circulatory system’s main function is to transport blood to all parts of the body.

Physiological functions in the body are essential to sustaining living organisms like humans. The body’s sophisticated functions are ultimately built upon the complex arrangement of human cells.

Similar cells are grouped together to form more complex systems like tissues. Tissues are then group to function in evermore complex operations such as organs. Organs are group together to function in systems.

All of these mechanisms are needed to sustain human organisms, which are the most complex organisms on the planet.

Homeostasis – A Mechanism for Maintaining Equilibrium

The human body contains of millions of cells that all must function in tandem in order for the body to live. Even though cells perform a wide range of specialized functions, most cells have a similar metabolic necessity. All living cells have few minimum requirements needed to survive.

Some examples of the cell’s minimum needs include glucose, oxygen, minerals and the ability to remove waste products from the cell. These components are necessary for the cell to be able to maintain themselves so that they can function together to maintain the body.

Homeostasis is otherwise known as the collection of various processes within the body that the body employs to regulate its internal environment so that cells can live and perform their intended function.

Homeostasis is an essential and vital mechanism that the body employs to maintain a constant environment in the body. This constant equilibrium situation provides stability to the body.
Maintaining an unchanging inner equilibrium involves monitoring the inner body constantly.

As conditions change, then modifications are required. Sometime the modifications are very small and other times the adjustments are significant. The continuous adjustments that are made by the systems in the body to maintain equilibrium in the body is referred to as homeostatic regulation.

Homeostatic regulation is achieved through the employment of the following three mechanisms. First, receptors in the cells receive feedback that something has change the equilibrium status in the body.

Then the second mechanism involves the control center or also referred to as the integration center. The control center collects and processes messages sent from the receptor.
The third mechanism employed in homeostatic regulation is the effector. The effector reacts and causes the cell to respond to information and directions that are sent out by the control center.

Homeostatic regulation in the body is a process that is constantly working to maintaining an equilibrium state in the body.

Regulation of a constant body temperature is an example of homeostatic regulation that is occurring constantly in the body.

Homeostasis is just one of many essential human physiological processes that is needed to allow the body to live.


What is Human Physiology?

Human physiology is the study of a very complex and essential system in our body. The immune system provides protection to our bodies from infections and substances that could potentially make us sick.

Our body’s immune system includes three lines of defense. The first line of defense from invaders is our skin and mucus membranes. Because the skin serves such an important function as the first line of defense, the skin as whole is sometimes considered an organ.

The second line of defense of our immune system involves an efficient web of various defense mechanisms. This second line of defense utilizes several methods to protect the body by fighting against microbes such as pathogens that have passed through the skin and mucus membranes. These microbes can infect the body and cause fever and other inflammatory responses.

The immune system’s third line of defense is designed to fight against certain pathogens that can cause diseases. Certain immune system cells are equipped to produce antibodies to ward off bacteria. While other immune system cells are equipped with the ability to destroy infected cells.

Human physiology is amazingly complex and the body’s immune system is a tremendously effective tool in fighting off unhealthy bacteria and dangerous microbes.

The immune system is a miraculous phenomenon that operates silently in the background. We are keenly aware of each breathe that we take and we hear our heart beating. But the immune system is toiling away non-stop to protect us from millions of potentially deadly attacks each minute of the day.